Torch Mountain Dripper. Porcelain coffee filter with wooden base. Blue


Experience the full taste of your favourite coffee!

With its aesthetic appearance and the delicious coffee it produces, the Torch Mountain Dripper is sure to become your favourite. Now with new colour variations - an enchanting pink and gorgeous soft blue that will remind you of many joyful things like cherry blossoms and cotton candy.

The coffee filter holder for 1 to 2 cups features a slim, stylish shape that makes it possible to make perfect coffee and bring out the best possible taste. The fine, handcrafted porcelain coffee filter has special inner ribs that guide the water through the coffee grounds. The large spout ensures that the water flows at an optimum rate, for a full-bodied and fresh tasting coffee.
Each set consists of a coffee filter in Japanese Mino Yaki porcelain and a filter base in untreated ash wood. Over time, the wooden base takes on an individual character. Because when used regularly, the coffee stains the wood and natural patterns are created, making each dripper unique.


Material: Porcelain and white ash
Dishwasher safe (only the porcelain)
Size: Ø 9 cm x height 7 cm
Base: Ø 11 x height 1 cm
Weight: 200g
100 % handmade in Japan

What is the difference between the Donut Dripper and the Mountain Dripper?

With the Donut Dripper you will prepare up to 4 cups of coffee and it is ideal for medium to dark roasted coffee. It is higher than the Mountain Dripper so the water flow through the coffee changes, giving the coffee a more intense flavour.

The Mountain Dripper brews up to 2 cups of coffee and is designed with a view to light to medium roasted coffees (like the Third Coffee Wave, which brings a touch of acidity and fruity notes). Overall, extraction is slightly faster than with the Donut Dripper and gives a clearer taste profile.

Quelle: YouTube, Kurasu Kyoto

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Torch Mountain Dripper. Porcelain coffee filter with wooden base. Blue
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