Toast Living "SCENE" tea, coffee and cold brew bottle. 1l. Plum

Toast Living
Karaffen & Kaffeekannen

The best way to prepare delicious cold brew coffee and tea on a nice sunny day.

For tea and coffee lovers, a glass bottle with your preferred drink is like a breathtaking landscape. Inspired by this exciting feeling, the designers of Toast Living created the Tea and Coffee Infuser, whose pattern is reminiscent of mountain landscapes and forests. The colors purple and grey create a beautiful rustic style and fit subtly into your daily lifestyle. The Toast Living SCENE bottles contain both coffee and tea filters, both are easy to change.

The SCENE cold brew bottle is made of glass with a heat resistance of 120 degrees Celsius. The material is safe and stable for both hot and cold coffee. The spout of the SCENE bottle contains a spherical infuser that prevents tea leaves, fruit or herbs from spilling out. The airtight cap prevents liquid overflow when the bottle is placed horizontally.


Dimensions: Ø 8,5 x 28,3 cm
Volume: 1l
Material: heat resistant glass, stainless steel 18-8, silicone, PP, PET
Design: TOAST Design
Toast Living "SCENE" tea, coffee and cold brew bottle. 1l. Plum
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