Toast Living "H.A.N.D" elegant coffee pot with dripper in copper look set, with handle. 600 ml

Toast Living
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Toast Living presents with the product line H.A.N.D., a modern urban coffee tableware series. The acronym H.A.N.D. stands for Have A Nice Day, which expresses the desire to make your day special with this series of products. The stylish set consists of a double-walled glass coffee pot and a coffee dripper in the trendy copper finish. In contrast to conventional coffee drippers, this one is light and elegant. The simple coffee filter holder in the hip copper look is the most remarkable feature of this set. The coffee filter is suitable for all conventional coffee filter papers, including Hario V60 filter paper in sizes 1 to 2. The structure of the coffee filter keeps the filter paper stable and remains an aesthetic eye-catcher even during coffee brewing.

The design of the 600 ml coffee pot with filter ensures both lightness and safety. The stylishly designed coffee pot is made of high-quality thick-walled glass, which ensures that the heat escapes from the pot only slowly. At the same time, the coffee pot is beautiful to look at and looks great at any coffee table.


Filter size 2-4
Dimensions: 12,3 x 13,8 x 21 cm
Material: stainless steel 18-8, heat-resistant glass
Design: Chi-Wing Lee
Dishwasher safe
    Quelle: YouTube, Milk Design

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    Toast Living "H.A.N.D" elegant coffee pot with dripper in copper look set, with handle. 600 ml
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