Toast Living "DRIP DROP" coffee server. 300 ml

Toast Living
Karaffen & Kaffeekannen

Under the motto "Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary", Toast Living is launching a new collection of coffee accessories for filter coffee 2.0 in autumn 2019: DRIP DROP. The special feature of this design is the excellent composition of circular and oval shapes. With its appealing shape and color, the collection adapts to any room in different styles. Its individual character is also expressed even more through aesthetic design.

The beautiful coffee pot is an enrichment for the kitchen of every coffee connoisseur. It gives your coffee moment that special touch. The combination of high quality materials and aesthetic design makes it unique and original. It will become an eye-catcher on your coffee table.


Dimensions: Ø8,6 x 16 x 15,6cm
Volume: 300ml / max. 380ml

Material: Heat resistant glass

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Toast Living "DRIP DROP" coffee server. 300 ml
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