Timemore Black Mirror (Basic) digital coffee scale

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The Timemore Black Mirror digital coffee scale with LED display offers everything you can expect from a modern digital coffee scale in terms of functionality and accuracy. The sleek, compact, minimalist design hides a true miracle of functionality, precise measurement to 0.1 grams accuracy, a heat-resistant non-slip silicone pad and a discreet almost invisible LED display.

Accurate weighing down to 0.1 grams means coffee preparation is more precise and predictable. The scale features silicone heat insulation and a waterproof pad that protects the inside of the scale, preventing unfortunate accidents in the kitchen. The weight platform is textured to give the heat pad the grip it needs. The surface of the scale is large enough to accommodate any type of coffee equipment, and this coffee scale is also great for espresso preparation.

The transparent LED display is the control panel of the scale, it becomes visible as soon as you turn on the scale. It is well illuminated and shows not only the time and the measured values, but also the battery life, you also have the option to turn on or off a sound. Another very handy feature of the Black Mirror scale is the use of a USB-C port for the charging cable, which means faster battery charging than Micro-USB. The built-in 1600mAh lithium battery has a battery life of up to 10 hours! Thanks to an auto-off function after 3 min, it is especially energy-saving.

Important features at a glance:

Simple, elegant design - The Black Mirror digital coffee scale is compact and minimalist in design, yet it offers everything to meet the expectations of a home (barista).

Highly Acc urate - Thanks to the precise time and weight display, you have more control over the coffee brewing process.

Transparent screen design - The coffee scale features a backlit LED display that is clear, practical and intuitive to use.

Lightning fast response time - Perfect feature for making delicious espressos, where a minimal difference of 0.5g can make a big difference to the taste.

0.1g accuracy - Measure up to 2kg in 0.1g increments!

Auto time function - Press the time button 6x for auto timer. Smart solution for espresso preparation.

USB-C port - The future of charging ports. Fast charging, longer lasting cable.


  • Power source: 1600 mAh lithium battery.
  • Cable: USB-C
  • Fast charging with 5V 1A-2A adapter.
  • Accuracy: 0.1 gr
  • Weighing range: 0.5 gr - 2000 gr
  • Maximum temperature range without silicone pad: -10 to 16 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum temperature range with silicone pad: -20 to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 396g
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 13cm x 2,5cm


  1. The scale must be placed on a level surface.
  2. Do not use the scale when it is charging.
  3. The USB interface must not come into contact with water.

Source: You Tube. Timemore


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Timemore Black Mirror (Basic) digital coffee scale
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