Kinto "Slow Coffee Style" coffee pot set with stainless steel coffee filter, 600ml

Karaffen & Kaffeekannen

The elegantly shaped coffee pot with a stainless steel coffee filter in the set is extremely practical and sustainable! The coffee pot from Kinto Japan is ideal for all those who love filter coffee, enjoy it every day and want to prepare it sustainably. The permanent coffee filter is made of food-safe stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. With this coffee filter you brew an aromatic coffee with full body, as its walls are more permeable to coffee oils than classic coffee filter paper. You can use the coffee filter over and over again and therefore the paper filter is no longer necessary. Moreover, it is not only intended for this coffee pot. It fits in a Hario V60 Dripper size 2, in a Chemex carafe (6 cups) or simply in a conical coffee filter holder of your choice. The holder for the coffee filter included in the set is very practical. It protects your work surface from unwanted coffee drops and is also a measuring cup for the right amount of coffee beans. All parts can be stacked to save space. The heat-resistant glass is manufactured in traditional handicraft in factories in Japan. This Kinto coffee pot attracts attention with its elegant and delicate shape and is a chic serving vessel for every coffee table.


Capacity: 600ml, max 1,1l
ø125 x H180 x W150mm 
100 % Made in Japan
Design: Kinto Japan

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Kinto "Slow Coffee Style" coffee pot set with stainless steel coffee filter, 600ml
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