ORIGAMI Dripper made of Mino porcelain. Size M

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You've probably heard of "origami" - ori means "fold", and g(k)ami means "paper" - it's a Japanese art of paper folding.
Inspired by the idea of creative and delicate craftsmanship, with its deep vertical grooves and vibrant colors, this hand filter looks like a true origami.

The ORIGAMI Dripper not only inspires visually, with it you will certainly prepare a really good filter coffee. The design team of ORIGAMI worked closely with many baristas in the conception of the coffee maker and thus they succeeded in creating a coffee filter holder that allows an ideal ratio between blooming and dripping time. Thanks to the special structure, the water can flow easily through coffee powder without the risk of creating a water jam.

The ORIGAMI Dripper is made of Mino-porcelain in the Toki region of Gifu Prefecture in Japan. Mino-porcelain represents a 400-year history of high-quality ceramic wares. This colorful and eye-catching coffee dripper is very popular with Brewing Cup participants. ORIGAMI Dripper in size "S" is suitable for the preparation of 1 to 2 cups of a delicious and aromatic coffee.

Which filter paper is to be used with ORIGAMI Dripper?

ORIGAMI Dripper is also versatile. It is compatible with a classic conical filter paper or else with a Kalita Wave filter paper, which also has 20 grooves. Because of its versatility, the ORIGAMI is a great choice if you want to vary your brewing style and experiment with different filters without having to constantly change filter holders.

Head this way to ORIGAMI filter paper in size S.

The 20 rib design also fits Kalita Wave 155 and Hario V60 paper filters. Basically recommend using a conical filter(such as Kinto filter paper) for better circulation.

Note: The ORIGAMI Dripper is supplied WITHOUT the holder. The holder must be purchased separately. Your choice is a holder made of sturdy resin or made of wood .


  • Used by the world barista champion at the 2019 World Brewer's Cup.
  • Material: mini porcelain
  • Size: 115×H70 (drip hole: ø25)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan


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