MiiR Pourigami™ Outdoor Coffee Dripper. Black


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Finally, you can enjoy a really good coffee anywhere! Experience and enjoy the trifecta of the award-winning MiiR Pourigami™ - the world's smallest, most durable and portable travel coffee maker!
It's so small it fits in your pocket when you don't need it. A simple yet ingenious design of three stainless steel plates that interlock for easy assembly is its hallmark. Notches machined into the stainless steel elements allow for perfect placement on a mug for safe coffee brewing. The included case is perfect for easy storage in addition it has space for paper filters.
When loose, Pourigami is just 12.7 cm long and 6.2 cm high!

All features at a glance:

Material: The walls are made of 18/8 medical grade stainless steel and are Hardshell™ powder coated. The material does not transfer taste or add a metallic aftertaste.

Compatible with Hario V60-01 and 02 filters, filters are not included in the delivery.

The wide base allows you to use Pourigami with most cups and servers.

Each product is marked with a special code. You can register the code on the manufacturer's website and follow the environmental project you support with your purchase!


  • For one cup of Pour Over coffee
  • Dimensions: 6,2cm x 12,7cm x 2,4mm when unassembled
  • Weight: 113g
  • BPA free - no "Bad Plastic Awfulness" (or Bisphenol A) here.

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MiiR Pourigami™ Outdoor Coffee Dripper. Black
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