Loveramics espresso cup DALE HARRIS "Champions signature". Porcelain. 80ml

Tassen & Becher

Dedicated to creating innovative and stunning tableware for a table setting, Loveramics has been creating modern serving ware that is beautiful and functional for 54 years and 3 generations. Coffee accessories represent an important line.

In 2015, Loveramics cups were used as official coffee and espresso cups in World Latte Art Championships in Sweden. This meant the international breakthrough for the company from Hong Kong. Since then, Loveramics products have delighted coffee fans all over the world. To this day, Loveramics products are used in various international coffee competitions, such as World Brewers Cup, Cup Testers or World Latte Art Championship.

Dale Haris, 2017 World Barista Champion, and London-based ceramic artist Ben Sutton have collaborated to create these beautiful Loveramics cappuccino cups, with the background of highlighting the multi-sensory impact of coffee. Incorporating Ben's particular flair for elegant aesthetics and delicate colour tones, this collaboration was all about designing coffee cups that showcase latte art in particular. This cappuccino cup features extra thick walls that retain the warmth of the coffee. It is also very comfortable to hold without a traditional handle. The curved inner surface helps milk foam flow when making latte art, resulting in premium latte art. This stunning collection is available in 3 colours and is complemented with Flat White and cappuccino cups.


  • 200ml capacity.
  • length 7,5cm ; width 7,5cm ; height 7,5cm
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Dishwasher / Microwave safe
  • Design: Dale Haris & Ben Sutton
Source:YouTube, Loveramics Taiwan

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Loveramics espresso cup DALE HARRIS "Champions signature". Porcelain. 80ml
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