Kruve. Evoke glass coffee carafe. 600 ml

Karaffen & Kaffeekannen

Kruve is a company that is revolutionizing the world of coffee. New and innovative solutions are constantly being researched and implemented by the Canadian company. The goal is to enable you to get the best out of your favorite coffee.
The EQ product line makes this a reality. It is a special line of glass containers - EQ. Their task is to enrich and harmonize the taste of coffee. Just as different types of wine need matching glasses, coffee needs a matching setting.

The Evoke carafe is an elegant serving vessel and with 600 ml it offers enough volume for up to four cups of coffee. Moreover, it is an excellent choice to serve your guests or to enjoy several cups of your favourite coffee at once. Thanks to the double walls, the Kurve EVOKE carafe keeps the temperature constant for longer, and the rim diameter is wide enough so you can use most common coffee filter holders with it. Simply put, make the best coffee and enjoy it, whether with your guests or alone.


TEST - The Kruve coffee carafe is made of double-walled borosilicate glass to keep the coffee warm, and the outer wall cool.

TASTE - in each vessel from the Kruve EQ- line, the coffee has a different liquid surface, which affects the oxidation rate of the coffee, which in turn softens or enhances the tannins and acidity. They also differ in terms of rim shape, which affects the flow and distribution of the coffee on the tongue.

SENSE - Each glass also has a different internal shape and headspace, which can greatly affect the development of coffee flavors.

SEE - You don't just experience the coffee's flavor profile in complete harmony. The serving vessels of the EQ line are a perfect reflection of each other on the outside, but completely different on the inside. The clear glass also allows for accurate perception of the coffee's texture and color.

"Your drinking vessel is critical to the coffee tasting experience. The wine and beer industries have known this for years and have developed a variety of custom-made glasses for this reason. Finally, KRUVE EQ glassware is helping the coffee industry not only catch up, but push things further than ever before."



  • Mouth-blown borosilicate glass
  • Double-wall construction
  • Keeps coffee warm while keeping it cool to the touch
  • Precise pouring
  • Enhanced aroma & balanced taste
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • Height: 215 mm, Width: 146 mm
  • Opening: 60 mm

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Kruve. Evoke glass coffee carafe. 600 ml
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