Kinto SCS S01 Ceramic coffee mug 300ml. Black

Tassen & Becher

Brew your coffee in style! With the special coffee mug from Kinto Japan's "Slow Coffee Style" product line, coffee tastes even better.

An iron glaze gives this stylishly designed mug a unique look and feel! The "SCS 01" series was created in cooperation with Yusuke Kido, the founder of ONE KILN. His speciality is ceramic work, for which he used clay from the Kagoshima region and the ashes of the Sakurajima volcano, which gives the coffee mug its special shine. Characteristic for these products is the rugged look and a strong, robust presence. The ceramic coffee mug is 100% handmade. The coating of the surface with a hint of volcanic ash creates a mineral-like texture and a very pleasant warm feeling while you hold the cup in your hands.


Material: ceramic
Volume: 330 ml
Width: 115 cm
Height: 95 cm
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