Kinto "OCT" porcelain coffee dripper for up to 2 cups. White


OCT is the name of the elegant product line from Kinto Japan. The shapes of the beautiful coffee makers are based on the shape of an octagon and are characterized by clear lines and sharp contours. The simple shape of this porcelain coffee dripper reminds of modern architecture and gives an extravagant look to a well-laid table. The edge of the coffee filter draws a large curve, creating a striking unique silhouette. The conical coffee filter made of Japanese Hasami porcelain is carefully handmade. Its shape allows it to be held comfortably without a handle and is designed so that it is easy to insert and remove the paper filter, without annoying droplets on the desk. This coffee filter holder from Kinto Japan is a must for design lovers!

To complete the look, this fine coffee filter is also available with a matching Coffee Server from the same product line OCT.


Material: Porcelain
Filter paper: Kinto cotton paper filter, also compatible with Hario V60 02 filters
Dimensions: W115 x D100 x H90 mm
Made in Japan
Design: Kinto Japan
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