Kinto "Capsule" Cold Brew Carafe Set 1L


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With the Cold Brew Carafe from Kinto Japan you can make a delicious cold brew coffee at home. With the Capsule cold brew bottle you can prepare a balanced and clear Cold Brew that suits your taste. It also impresses with its elegant and simple design. The preparation in the Kinto cold brew carafe is based on the full immersion principle. The coffee is extracted over several hours in cold water and then filtered. A minimum of 500 ml and a maximum of 850 ml of delicious cold brew coffee can be prepared in the Kinto Capsule. Due to the fine filter, the finest coffee particles do not get into the finished beverage.

Intuitive pouring in all directions

The closure of the Cold Brew coffee carafe opens automatically when tilted and closes when erected. The optimal size and composition of the individual parts has been carefully checked so that you can pour from any direction without any problems.

Preparation tip for the best Cold Brew coffee from the Kinto "Capsule" Cold Brew carafe:

55g ground beans
850ml water
Leave to soak for 8 hours and then remove the filter.


Volume 300 ml
Suitable for dishwasher
Not suitable for the microwave
Pouring from each side of the lid possible
Dimensions 270mm H x 85mm diameter
Stainless steel inner filter
100 % Made in Japan
Design: Kinto Japan

    Quelle: YouTube, Kinto Japan

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    Kinto "Capsule" Cold Brew Carafe Set 1L
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