Kalita Wave Dripper l #155. 1- 2 cups


There are many coffee filters available today, but one of them is one of the favourites of baristas all over the world. The Kalita Wave Dripper is a stainless steel coffee filter with a flat bottom and is available in two different sizes (155 and 185).

Due to its unique design, the Kalita Wave Dripper offers better coffee extraction than many other drippers: the flat bottom of the Kalita allows the water to come into contact with a wider coffee bed and slowly drain away through it, while the three holes in the bottom of the coffee filter protect against channelling. In summary, the wide coffee bed and flat bottom of the Kalita Dripper allow for better extraction compared to conical coffee filters, such as Hario's V60 or a Chemex. Extraction with Kalita coffee filters is much more uniform and the coffee tastes more balanced. Furthermore, better extraction is also favoured by the minimal contact between the dripper and the paper filter.

The Kalita Wave Dripper has become extremely popular over the last 5 years, especially since James McCarthy won the World Brewers Cup with it in 2013.

The Kalita stainless steel coffee filter fits directly onto a cup or coffee server.
In our Brew Guide you will find the recipe for the Kalita Wave.

Please note! For the Kalita Wave Dripper you need the Kalita Wave filter paper! You can find the suitable filter paper


155 size = for 300ml - for 1-2 cups of coffee
185 size = for 500ml - for 2-3 cups of coffee
Material: stainless steel
Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.9 x 10.9 cm
Dishwasher safe
Weight: 143 g

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