BIO. Kaffee. Peru PachaMama. Single Origin. Direct Trade


Milk chocolate, dried fruit and grapes

Kaffeerösterei- Handcraft Coffee COFFEE ROASTERY: Schön Kaffee Spezialitätenrösterei, Burgebrach


Anbauregion- Handcraft Coffee REGION: Chanchamayo

Kaffeeframer- Handcraft Coffee COFFEE FARMER: Project "PachaMama", Small farmers around the village Miguel Grau

Varität- Handcraft Coffee VARIETY: 100% Arabica, Caturra, Catuai

Anbauhöhe- Handcraft Coffe ALTITUDE: 1320- 1720 m

Kaffee Aufbereitung- Handcraft Coffee AUFBEREITUNG: washed

Kaffeetasse- Handcraft Coffee BREWING TIP: Filter, Aero Press, French Press, Chemex, Karlbader Jug

A few notes from the coffee specialist:

A balanced filter coffee, with very soft and complex taste. A beautiful combination of sweet and fruity aromas. For the more advance drinkers you will be able to taste aromas of milk chocolate and a subtle dried fruit note. This organic coffee from Peru is perfect for a kick start to the day!
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