BIO. Espresso. Honduras El Jilguero. Single Origin. 250g


Orange, haselnut and cocoa

Kaffeerösterei- Handcraft Coffee Coffee roastery: Rösttrommel

Country: Honduras

Anbauregion- Handcraft Coffee REGION: Montecillos, Marcala

Kaffeebauer- Handcraft CoffeeCOFFEE FARMER: Kooperative El Jilguero

Varität- Handcraft Coffee VARIETY:diverse

Anbauhöhe- Handcraft Coffe ALTITUDE: 1.200-1.800m

Kaffee Aufbereitung- Handcraft Coffee PROCESSING: honey

Kaffeetasse- Handcraft Coffee BREWING TIP: espresso, mokka pot, espresso machine, Aero Pres, coffee machine

A few notes from the coffee specialist:

The "El Jilguero" cooperative is a collective of 50 women and 60 men who grow their own coffee organically on a small scale in an area of 10 hectares.
This small collective supports individual farmers by providing help with insect infestation, seeds allowance and improvement of the day to day lifestyle and childcare. 

These sustainably produced coffee beans bring a subtle and sweetish taste as well as a soft and round body, with gentle acidity. This blend is perfect for a strainer but also for a fully automatic coffee machine.

Kaffee aus Honduras- Handcraft Coffee


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