Hario Technica coffee siphon 3 cups, 360 ml


This is how Ludwig van Beethoven made his coffee!

This siphon by Hario is not only an absolute eye-catcher in every kitchen, but also a piece of German engineering. Because the preparation of coffee with the help of a glass flask pot was already invented in Germany in 1830. Hario Technica combines beautiful workmanship, puristic design and amazing functionality!

The siphon works according to the fundamental laws of physics. This method of preparation offers not only a full-bodied coffee but also an exciting and very special coffee ritual. The Hario Siphon Technica 3 Cup may look like an experiment by a mad scientist, but it prepares a coffee that is velvety smooth in the mouth and rich in aromas. Syphon coffee is so delicious that many coffee drinkers around the world have described it as the best filter coffee you can make.

The preparation of Syphon coffee is not easy, but not difficult. During the preparation of the coffee, a vacuum is created which forces the water in the lower flask to rise into the upper glass flask where the coffee grounds are located. A brewing process begins that will inspire you every time!

Preparation tip for Kaffew Syphon Hario Technica:

1. Fill the lower chamber with 335 ml of hot water and ignite the burner below.
2. Place the fabric filters in the upper chamber and add 20 g of medium ground coffee.
3. Attach the upper piston to the lower piston rod and start a timer when the water begins to rise.
4. After 30 seconds of water and coffee contact, stir the bottom slightly.
5. After a total of 2 minutes of brewing, remove the burner.
6. As soon as the brewed coffee drains off, remove the upper chamber and you can already enjoy the fresh coffee.
7. The clever filter combination of stainless steel and fabric keeps out all residues, even the finest coffee particles. But it lets the natural oils of the coffee pass through, giving the coffee its exotic aromas and body.

Both glass flasks are made of Hario's own durable borosilicate glass. The silicone band also lasts for years, as does the metal stand and the alcohol burner (alcohol is not included).


Height: 32 cm
Width: 16 cm
Depth: 9,5 cm
Capacity: 360 ml
Material: glass, metal, plastic
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