Fellow ODE Brew electric coffee grinder

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The form and function of classic household coffee grinders haven't changed in decades - the same funnel, the same shape and the same results. Well, until now...

When Fellow developed the ODE electric coffee grinder, they were driven by one important idea - if classic coffee grinders are trying to be versatile enough to make both espresso and filter coffee, they have to compromise on that. So in developing its very first coffee grinder, Fellow decided to go all out and design a device that would be the perfect coffee grinder for home use.

31 settings range from very fine for AeroPress and Prismo coffee preparation to very coarse for a Cold Brew coffee. So you get a coffee grinder with versatility that focuses on the full spectrum of menuel prepared coffee. In keeping with Fellow Products' commitment to quality, this electric coffee grinder for hand brew coffee has been equipped with a lot of smart helpers. A single dose hopper ensures that you only grind as much coffee as you actually use, an intelligent speed controlled PID motor is responsible for more consistency in dosing and the large 64 millimetre stainless steel disc grinder delivers consistent café quality grinds, all with long life and tremendous performance.

Fello ODE means smart and simple functionality and minimalist design.
The Ode features an amazingly simple grinding process. The single dose hopper means you can weigh the coffee beans before grinding and be confident you'll get exactly what you need (+/- 0.5 grams). Grind settings are adjusted via a large graduated dial on the front of the machine, with recommended grind settings for each brewing method shown on the inside of the hopper lid for reference. The grind container is magnetically attached to the hopper, so you can be sure that freshly ground coffee won't be scattered all over the kitchen counter. The Fellow Ode coffee grinder only needs a single button to start the grinding process. The coffee grinder relies on smart programming and its PID-controlled motor to know when the coffee is ready to be ground, and shuts off when the grind is complete.

If you're already a fan of Fellow products, it certainly won't surprise you that this coffee grinder wows you with its design. Simple looks and clean lines define the look, yet it's small enough to easily fit in any kitchen.


  • Dimensions: 239mm x 105mm x 241.5mm
  • Weight: 4.56 kg
  • Capacity: for 80 g of coffee
  • Grinder: 64 mm stainless steel disc grinder
  • Stops automatically after grinding
  • Low noise grinding with uniform result
  • Electric: 220V


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Fellow ODE Brew electric coffee grinder
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