Fellow Mighty Small Coffee Server. Clear glass. 500ml

Karaffen & Kaffeekannen
€32.90 €27.99

We love coffee accessories from Fellow Products because they are not only uniquely designed and well thought out, but also make our hobby, the coffee preparation, a bit easier and more beautiful. Just like this beautiful coffee server Mighty in Smoke Grey!
This glass coffee carafe was specially designed for alternative coffee brewing methods. However, it is also wonderfully suitable for tea or infused water preparation.

Whether you want to enjoy a morning hand-brewed coffee at home or serve coffee to your guests in style, this beautiful coffee server is ideal. It is compatible with Fellow, Hario and Kalita products as well as AeroPress. Hand-blown borosilicate glass in 5 mm thickness keeps the coffee warm for extra long. The pointed spout allows you to pour coffee with precision without spilling a drop. A sturdy little handle provides a comfortable and firm grip, while staying cool and protecting your fingers from heat.
The beautiful coffee carafe is also available in Smoky grey.


  • No drips on the kitchen table: thanks to a sharp spout, you'll pour coffee with precision.
  • Sturdy little handle provides a comfortable and firm grip for pouring. It also stays cool, so your fingers are protected.
  • Material: Hand-blown 5 mm borosilicate glass keeps coffee hot longer.
  • Volume: 500 ml, auxiliary mark at 300 ml
  • Height: 114,3 mm
  • Diameter bottom: 114,3 mm
  • Diameter top: 76,2 mm
  • Weight: 250 g

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Fellow Mighty Small Coffee Server. Clear glass. 500ml
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