Torch Donut Dripper coffee filter holder made of Mino ceramic. White


Brew coffee like in Japan and experience the full taste of your favourite coffee.

Your favorite coffee will unfold as you brew it in this elegantly designed Donut Dripper by Torch direct from Japan. The slim shape of the coffee filter holder allows you to extract the coffee perfectly. The Torch Donut Dripper is carefully handcrafted from the finest Japanese Mino ceramics. The large outlet opening ensures that the water flows through the coffee grounds at an optimum speed. The result is a clear and smooth filter coffee. The coffee filter is characterised by a successful combination of natural materials, traditional Mino ceramics and the untreated ash wood used for the base of the Dripper. With the Donut Dripper you prepare up to 4 cups of coffee and you can use it with all conical paper coffee filters.


Material: Mino Ceramic and white ash wood
Dishwasher safe (only the porcelain)
Size: W 9 x D 9.5 x H 16 cm
Wooden base: diameter 11cm x height 1 cm
Weight: 235g
Volume: 700 ml
100 % Made in Japan
Design: Takahashi Nakabayashi, Torch

What is the difference between the Donut Dripper and the Mountain Dripper?

With the Donut Dripper you can prepare up to 4 cups of coffee and it is ideal for medium to dark roasted coffee. It is higher than the Mountain Dripper so the water flow through the coffee changes, giving the coffee a more intense taste.

The Mountain Dripper prepares up to 2 cups of coffee and is designed with a view to light to medium roasted coffees (like the Third Coffee Wave, which brings a touch of acidity and fruity notes). Overall, extraction is slightly faster than with the Donut Dripper and gives a clearer taste profile.


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Torch Donut Dripper coffee filter holder made of Mino ceramic. White
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