Stainless steel coffee filter for Aero Press from Able Brewing. Standard.

Able Brewing
Kaffeefiltertüten und Ersatzfilter

The Able Brewing Disk stainless steel coffee filter for Aero Press is perfect for all Aero Press fans who want to enjoy sustainable coffee.
The round stainless steel permanent coffee filter for the AeroPress coffee maker is made from food safe stainless steel, which is easy to wash off and does not retain smell. 
The reusable coffee filter is absolutely essential for environmentally conscious and sustainable coffee consumption!

The AeroPress permanent filter Standard develops a cup of coffee with full body and deep taste. It is also practical when on the go as it is slightly thicker and very durable, making it difficult to bend and will provide you with many years of intensive use.


- Material: stainless steel.
- Suitable for AeroPress.
- 100% Made in USA.
- Design: Able Brewing.
- Packaging: 100% recyclable.
Quelle: Youtube, Able Brewing

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Stainless steel coffee filter for Aero Press from Able Brewing. Standard.
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