Clever Coffee Dripper. Black

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The Clever Dripper is as familiar as grandma's coffee filter and as easy to use as a french press, this inexpensive coffee accessory uses full immersion method for brewing coffee. 

The steep and release mechanism allows you to precisely control the coffee preparation and extract the coffee directly into your cup. Thanks to the use of a paper filter, no coffee particles get into the cup during the preparation. Furthermore, the manual flow control, which is possible thanks to a valve at the bottom of the filter, is an advantage over a traditional hand filter. Closed system does not allow water or coffee to escape from the filter, only after the filter has been placed on a suitable container does the container open and allows the coffee to drip. 
Thanks to Clever Dripper features you can easily experiment with extraction time and temperature, similarly to a stamp pot. 

Coffee made with Clever Dripper is full in body, similarly to a stamp pot, but the sediment is left behind.

More details:
- Requires a standard size 4 paper coffee filter.
- Volume: 500ml.
- Heat resistant.
- Durable.
- BPA-free.
  Quelle: YouTube, Atria Creative


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Clever Coffee Dripper. Black
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