Chemex Coffee Carafe with wooden handle. For 1 to 3 cups.


The Chemex Coffee Carafe was invented by the German chemist Peter Schlumbohm in 1941.
It is a manual filter coffee maker made of glass.
The special shape of the carafe, in the form of an sandglass flask, allows the coffee brewing process to be optimised, neither odours nor chemical residues are absorbed by the coffee. The result is an incredibly pure coffee with an intense and unadulterated taste!
Thanks to filter holder so you can brew and serve coffee in the same container.
The Chemex coffee filters are also truly outstanding. They are thicker and more fine-pored than most conventional coffee filter papers and extract a balanced, pure coffee with a clear body and an intense and complex taste. The very fine-pored coffee filter of the Chemex carafes prevents bitterness and coffee sediment from getting into the beverage.

Thanks to its sleek and clean design the Chemex Coffee Carafe is part of the permanent exhibition at the MoMa New York.

Brewing Tip for Chemex coffee maker:

- Grind 50 g of coffee in a medium setting and place it in the filter.
- Pour 60 ml of hot water over the coffee powder until it is completely covered and let it rest for a while.
- The coffee starts to swell - this process is called blooming.
The small bubbles that appear on the surface of the coffee grounds are carbon dioxide, which escapes from the coffee powder. The ground coffee soaks up water, which facilitates extraction. Blooming is also an indication of the freshness of the coffee. If the coffee rises after pouring and many gas bubbles form on the surface, it is an indication that the coffee is freshly roasted. If the coffee remains flat, it is probably old.
- After about 30 seconds pour the remaining 770 ml of water in slow circles over the ground coffee.

The entire brewing process takes about 4 minutes. Finally, drain the freshly brewed coffee and enjoy.

    In a Chemex carafe a Cold Brew Coffee- Tokyo Style works wonderfully:

    Pour the hot water over the coffee powder onto many ice cubes, which you place at the bottom of the carafe. For an extra fresh kick, place a slice of orange on top of the coffee powder.

    Cold Brew Kaffee Tokyo Style- Handcraft Coffee

    You will find a step-by-step guide to the perfect coffee from the Chemex carafe in our Brew Guide.

    Here you will find the matching paper coffee filters for the Chemex carafe. For more sustainability we recommend the Kone Able Brewing permanent filter.

    - 470ml volume.
    - Made of borosilicate glass, heat-resistant, particularly durable.
    - Dimensions 21 x 11 cm.
    - Weight : 310 g.
    - Cleaning : dishwasher safe

    Design : Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm


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        Chemex Coffee Carafe with wooden handle. For 1 to 3 cups.
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