Cafflano "Go Brew" filter Coffee Maker and Water Bottle for on the go. Colour: Mint

We love Cafflano for their super smart and functional products!
The novelty, Cafflano Go-Brew is by no means a simple bottle! It is an excellent and versatile alternative to multi-part brewing sets and allows you to make delicious filter coffee on the go.
It is perfect filter coffee maker for everyone on the go!

With an integrated pour-over system that also acts as a lid on the bottle, Go Brew is designed to make coffee fresh and quick anytime, anywhere, while still being easy to drink.
Brewing filter coffee is easy: put the lid on, insert a filter, fill with coffee powder and pour hot water over it. As soon as you are finished, put the lid back on and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.
The "Go Brew" bottle from Cafflano can hold up to 380 ml of coffee or 500 ml when used as a simple drinking bottle.

Coffee making tip for Cafflano "Go Brew" bottle:
1. Loosen the cap and the top of the bottle.
2. Loosen the cup sleeve and put it in the drip stand position.
3. Insert the paper filter in the upper element of the bottle and place it on the stand.
4. Place the medium ground coffee in the filter. You can make up to 380 ml of coffee at once. Take 6 grams of coffee per 100 ml of water (22 g of coffee per 380 ml of water).
5. Pour 50 ml of water into the filter and let it brew for 30 seconds.
6. Pour the remaining water into the filter at small intervals.
7. Discard the filter after the water has flowed through the ground coffee. Return the sleeve and the upper element to their original position.
The coffee is ready to serve!


- "Go Brew" allows you to make up to 380 ml of coffee at once.
- Max. Volume 500 ml.
- Dimensions: height 200 mm, width 80 mm.
- Weight 290 g.
- Material: made of durable and BPA-free, renewable Ecozen plastic, polypropylene and silicone
- Easy to clean
- Included in delivery are 25 filters for the bottle.
Quelle: YouTube, Cafflano

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Cafflano "Go Brew" filter Coffee Maker and Water Bottle for on the go. Colour: Mint
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