Barista & Co. Coffee Brew Stick. The Original Coffee Infuser.

Barista & Co.
Freshly made tasty coffee has never been so easy!

The award-winning Brew It Stick Infuser by Barista & Co. is designed specifically for those who want the convenience of quick coffee brewing. With this one-cup coffee maker, anyone can enjoy freshly brewed aromatic coffee quickly and easily. It is the perfect coffee gadget for your home, office and outdoor adventures. That all without annoying coffee stains on your countertop, as a handy holder is included.
It's super easy to use - much like a tea infuser with a nylon filter, all you have to do is put the coffee in the basket, pour in hot water, stir and the coffee is ready to brew.
For coffee newbies, it's the perfect introduction to brewing fresh coffee!
With this simple coffee brewing method, you can easily control the intensity of the drink by simply extending the brewing time. For a light coffee, four minutes of brewing time is enough; to intensify the strength, you can brew the coffee for up to 8 minutes.

The Brew It Stick is designed for use with medium to coarse ground coffee. It is durable and reusable - designed and manufactured in the UK from durable, recyclable plastic. The handle and coffee basket are dishwasher safe, and unlike paper filters, the nylon filter can be used over and over againThe

Coffee Brew Stick brews a clear, full-bodied coffee just like a French Press


Our tip: After placing the Brew It Stick in a cup of hot water, turn the Brew It Stick and stir for 5 to 10 seconds to aid extraction, which helps brew a slightly stronger coffee.

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Barista & Co. Coffee Brew Stick. The Original Coffee Infuser.
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