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The Acaia Pearl is a digital coffee scale that weighs coffee and water without delay, accurately measures extraction time and gives you an insight into your brewing habits.
The Acaia Pearl coffee scale is one of the most beautiful and functional digital coffee scales in the world and convinces with sophisticated technology and elegant design. In combination with the Acaia Coffee App for Android and iOS, it becomes a scale with a unique range of functions.
Never again pour too much water over your coffee! Thanks to the Acaia Pearl's fast reaction time of 20 milliseconds. The scale can also measure the weight down to a tenth of a gram, so you can brew coffee with high accuracy to create a balanced cup. These two features, together with the integrated stopwatch, make the Pearl a strong partner that cannot be missed in the kitchen of a coffee enthusiast. The Bluetooth enabled Acaia Pearl digital scale can record your recipes and habits via Android and iOS App and give you insight into your brewing skills. The app also allows you to explore the recipes of other users an get even more inspiration, you can also share your own recipes with the world.

The Acaia Pearl digital scale features a rechargeable mini-USB battery that lasts for weeks, and is particularly energy efficient thanks to the automatic switch-off function that kicks in when coffee preparation is complete - but not before.

Acaia Pearl features:

- 20 millisecond response time - no delay means more precise brewing.
- Reads every 0.1 gram - now you can brew coffee with precision like a professional.
- Integrated stopwatch.
- Rechargeable battery.
- Auto Power Options - The auto-off settings can be adjusted in the app.


Dimensions: W:160 x L:160 x H: 32mm
Weight: approx. 462g
Units of measurement: grams, ounces
Load capacity: 2kg

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