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Whatever you need when it comes to making coffee without a machine - you've come to the right place.

We have carefully selected the best range and the most delicious coffees for you! Handcraft Coffee is the supplier of coffee accessories and speciality coffees based in the beautiful city on the Rhine, Düsseldorf. From the very beginning, my goal has been to make specialty coffees and selected coffee tools for manual coffee brewing easily accessible to a wider audience. Out of this desire the idea for an online shop was born, which I implemented in 2017.

At Handcraft Coffee I would like to offer you a beautiful and stylish coffee equipment, which is not necessarily found in every shop. Coffee accessories that will turn your personal coffee break into a special moment. I would like to offer you only products of the best quality while supporting small manufacturers and innovative ideas. Often these products or coffee beans are produced in small manufacturers all over the world. They come from the hands of coffee enthusiasts who have set themselves the goal of making the enjoyment of good coffee uncomplicated and special for everyone. In their products they use only the best materials to create the best quality, combining design and functionality. Our coffee roasters take the step back to the traditional craftsmanship of coffee roasting. They work with care and dedication and give coffee beans their individual touch. The coffees offered at Handcraft Coffee are exclusively traded directly and can be traced back to their origin. Our coffee roasters travel to the countries where the coffee is grown to make new contacts, discover special coffees and establish new cooperations. With their work they support small coffee farmers and contribute to improving their social situation. I am very pleased to be able to support this.

For me, the pleasure of coffee and the joy, the togetherness and the feelings of happiness that we feel when the aroma of freshly brewed delicious coffee spreads throughout the room is the most important element.
br> Thanks for letting me share it with you. Akpana