Toast Living "Wave" porcelain coffee mug with coffee filter holder.
Prepare your daily filter coffee directly into the coffee mug with a dripper in the same design! With this porcelain coffee filter holder you can easily brew a clear, aromatic coffee. The WAVE line is inspired by the flow of...
Kinto "Slow Coffee Style" coffee pot set with stainless steel coffee filter, 600ml
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Kinto "Slow Coffee Style" coffee pot set with stainless steel coffee filter, 600ml
The elegantly shaped coffee pot with a stainless steel coffee filter in the set is extremely practical and sustainable! The coffee pot from Kinto Japan is ideal for all those who love filter coffee, enjoy it every day and want...
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Toast Living "Wave" Coffee Tumbler To Go with porcelain filter.
It couldn't be more practical!This stylish porcelain coffee tumbler set is an all-rounder for your coffee To Go! It's a designer porcelain coffee mug with a coffee filter holder in the same look, and at the same time it's a...
Toast Living "H.A.N.D" coffee carafe set with coffee filter. 300 ml
Toast Living presents with the product line H.A.N.D. a modern urban coffee tableware series. The abbreviation H.A.N.D. stands for "Have A Nice Day", which expresses the wish to make your day especially beautiful with these products. The stylish set consists...
Kinto SCS S02 filter coffee station
Slow Coffee Style Specialty is a new line of products from Kinto Japan, inspired by the passion for specialty coffees as well as for a handcrafted work. Only high quality materials have been used in the artisan processing of the...
Toast Living "H.A.N.D" elegant coffee pot with dripper in copper look set, with handle. 600 ml
Toast Living presents with the product line H.A.N.D., a modern urban coffee tableware series. The acronym H.A.N.D. stands for Have A Nice Day, which expresses the desire to make your day special with this series of products. The stylish set...
Toast Living "H.A.N.D" porcelain coffee mug and coffee dripper set. Black. 300 ml
This large coffee mug fits perfectly in your hands and the high quality porcelain feels very comfortable and transforms every coffee moment into a cosy moment. Very practical is the coffee filter included in the set in an aesthetic, minimalistic...
Toast Living "DRIP DROP" Set of coffee server, coffee filter and saucer. 300 ml
Under the motto "The extraordinary in the ordinary", TOAST is launching a new collection of coffee accessories for filter coffee 2.0 in autumn 2018: DRIPDROP. The special feature of this design is the successful composition of circular and oval shapes....
gosh! DRIPO Cold Brew coffee maker. 300ml
DRIPO by gosh! is a convenient 3-in-1 cold brew maker with integrated mug to go. This smart accessory gives you an easy way to make and enjoy delicious cold brew coffee anywhere, anytime. If you want to make a classic...
Loveramics BREWERS Set aus drei Dripper mit Halterung und Kaffeekaraffe. Farbe Rose
Die Suche nach einem passenden Dripper für Deinen Lieblingskaffee hat nun ein Ende! In diesem schönen Kaffee- Brüh- Set von Loveramics findest Du alles, was Du für den täglichen Filterkaffee benötigst! Das Set besteht aus drei Kaffee- Dripper in schönem...
Timemore Ice Dripper Cold Brew- Kaffeebereiter. Schwarz
Dieser schöner Bereiter wurde für alle Cold Brew- Liebhaber geschaffen. Bereiter einen leckeren Cold Brew Kaffee in drei Stunden! Es ist ein wahres Schmuckstück für Deine Kaffeeecke, das mit einem schlanken und modernen Design und einfacher Bedienung überzeugt. Das schlichtes Design...
Hario V60 Iced Coffee Maker. Iced coffee maker. 700 ml
The Hario V60 Iced Coffee Maker is a versatile pour over coffee set that fits into any kitchen or café, allowing you to make rich hot or iced coffee with ease. It features a black BPA-free Hario V60 Dripper for...
Barista & Co. Coffee Brew Stick. The Original Coffee Infuser.
Freshly made tasty coffee has never been so easy!The award-winning Brew It Stick Infuser by Barista & Co. is designed specifically for those who want the convenience of quick coffee brewing. With this one-cup coffee maker, anyone can enjoy freshly...
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