Acaia Lunar professional coffee scale with Bluetooth. Black
The Acaia Lunar coffee scale takes the innovative design and technology of Acaia products and combines them into a unit small enough to fit on the drip tray of any espresso machine.The Acaia Lunar is compact, responsive, multifunctional, and perhaps...
Acaia Pearl digital coffee scale. White
The Acaia Pearl is a digital coffee scale that weighs coffee and water without delay, accurately measures extraction time and gives you an insight into your brewing habits. The Acaia Pearl coffee scale is one of the most beautiful and...
Acaia Lunar carrying case
With the carrying case for Acaia Lunar, you can take your Acaia Lunar anywhere. It is made of custom-made EVA foam and PU leather and has a safety flap to protect the scale and calibration weight. It is the perfect...
Acaia Pearl travel case
The travel case for your Acaia Pearl digital scale is an EVA foam cover designed to protect your scale during a trip or simply when you are on the move. The flap case fits a Pearl perfectly and is secured...
Schutzfolie für Acaia Pearl und Pearl Kaffeewaage
Die transparente Schutzfolie für Deine Acaia Pearl und Pearl S mit abgerundeten Ecken bietet sicheren Schutz vor Kratzer und Verschmutzungen für die Oberfläche der Waage. Es hat keinen Einfluss auf die Helligkeit der Skala oder auf die Berührungsempfindlichkeit der Tasten. Einzelheiten:...
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