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Coffee brewing method: French Press

For almost a century, the French Press has been one of the most popular coffee makers among Frahling lovers all over the world. It owes its name to its country of origin, France. The first French Press was presented there by Mayer and Delforge in 1852. It was not until almost 80 years later in 1929 that the Italian Attilio Calmani Guilo Moneta patented the French Press model, which we still use today. This coffee maker convinces many coffee fans with the simplicity of its operation, it is quick to clean and does not require a paper filter. You can read more about the history of the French Press jug in this post.

The preparation of coffee in a cafetiere is one of the so-called full immersion methods. With this method of preparation, the coffee powder is completely and continuously mixed with the water before
it is later pressed down through a filter. The infusion time is a maximum of 4 minutes. During this time the aromas and caffeine are dissolved in the water. The French Press coffee is intense and strong, but has its own kind of elegance. As with any method, the devil is in the details: to develop a full flavour of the coffee, it should be poured into the cups immediately after brewing so that it does not become bitter or chalky.

Kurz zusammengefasst:

 Amount of coffee:

 Grindig size:

Amount of water:


Brewing time: 


 Medium to coarse

1 l


4 Minutes 



  1. French Press
  2. Water kettle with goose neck spout
  3. Coffee grinder
  4. Coffee scale
  5. Timer

Step 1.

Bring the water to the boil. For a large pot of 1l we recommend using about 65g of coffee.

Step 2.

While the water is heated, grind the coffee beans. To prepare coffee in a French Press, you need medium to coarse evenly ground coffee. Evenly ground coffee plays an important role in the flavour development of the coffee. This way you get an aromatic and tasty coffee.

Step 3.

Let the boiling water cool down to 96°C. Place the stamp pot on the digital scale and set it to zero (of course you can also do this without the coffee scale). To start, first pour double the amount of water over the coffee powder. For our recipe for 65g of coffee you start with about 130g of water.

Step 4.

Stir the water/coffee mixture with a wooden spoon and let the coffee bloom for about 30 seconds. The coffee powder swells and the coffee aromas begin to develop.

Step 5.

Now pour in the remaining water. Stir the coffee again after pouring so that the coffee powder is evenly distributed in the water and the coffee aromas are optimally released. Put the lid of your French Press on carefully. Do not dip the stamp of the pot yet, but let the coffee steep for 4 minutes. 

Step 6.

Take the French Press carefully off the scale. Now press the filter down. If it is hard to press, it means that the grind is too fine; if the piston "presses" directly on the ground, it means that the grind is too coarse. After pressing, the coffee is ready to serve.

Important. Pour the coffee immediately and do not leave it in the jug as it will continue to brew and over-extract. This changes the taste negatively and makes it bitter or chalky.

Enjoy your coffee!

Everything you need to make coffee in French Press:


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